I Can Be brings seven and eight year-old girls into the world of work, broadening horizons and helping them to discover the breadth of opportunity around them.

Run through schools, the programme gives Year Three girls the opportunity to research, visit and interview a wide range of female professionals in their workplaces during their working day.

Targeting inner-city primary schools, I Can Be enables girls to explore jobs they otherwise may never be exposed to, building their curiosity and confidence along the way. 

Within the UK, we are currently working in inner-city London, Sparkhill and Small Heath in Birmingham and Great Yarmouth. We choose the areas we work in very carefully, identifying where there are high levels of disadvantage and there is less likelihood that children will be exposed to a variety of jobs or visit neighbourhoods outside of their own. 

Alongside our main programme, we run a project for boys, ICB Boys, and an international programme, ICB Overseas.

If you are a school interested in applying for a place on our 2019–20 programme, please email info@icanbe.org.uk