ICB Boys

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Work place visits help to broaden children’s awareness of the world of work and give them experiences outside their own neighbourhoods.

As well as a lack of experiences, boys in disadvantaged areas sometimes have a lack of male role models to learn from and relate to.

By taking part in the ICB Boys programme, boys have the opportunity to meet working men from a wide variety of industries, giving them a chance to ask questions and gain a wider experience of the world of work. 

meet our volunteers


Dr Simon Filson - Children’s Reconstructive Surgeon AT ST. tHOMAS’ HOSPITAL

“I was keen to take part in ICB Boys after hearing about their amazing work with girls from a colleague.

I was inspired to be a plastic surgeon at 8 years of age by a surgeon on a programme I saw on the television and I still remember the wonder and excitement it instilled in me.

I hope I can motivate these young men to be all they can, and want, to be and to show them how helping others is more rewarding than helping yourself.

During the visit, I was amazed at the intelligent and thought provoking questions the boys asked and I found I learned a lot from them too.”



“The I Can Be programme offers a very tangible and enjoyable way to have a positive impact in the lives of young boys.

It is a privilege to see and engage with the boys’ curiosity and insight in the ideas and theories that I work in.

The I Can Be programme has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career.”


Richard lloyd-williams, experiential business director at collider

“I love the idea of being able to help broaden kids’ horizons, as nothing should obstruct their potential at this early stage in their lives – anything should be possible.

An interest in adverts, plus a love of festivals, led me into experiential marketing as a specialism – but I wouldn’t have known this existed if it wasn’t for some very important role models and mentors throughout my life.

Hopefully by drawing back the curtain for the kids on what marketing is, and showing them how they can use their imaginations and creativity in this type of job, I’ve helped them see that there are loads of incredibly fun and fulfilling careers out there.

I was so impressed with their enthusiasm to create, along with their insight into what it is we do. I can see fantastic futures for them all!”

If you are a teacher or parent and you would like more information about ICB Boys, or if you are a man interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact us.