Here you'll find resources to support School Ambassadors. Additional teaching resources are supplementary for teachers to use to complement the programme. Whole class and assembly activities allow girls to share what they have learnt with their peers. 


School ambassadors guide 

This guide explains what the role of the School Ambassador involves. School Ambassadors are the members of staff who will champion the programme within schools and accompany the girls on the visits. 


end of programme - lesson plan

This lesson plan is designed to enable the girls who have participated to lead a lesson, sharing what they have learnt from I Can Be with their classmates. 


end of programme - assembly plan 

This plan for an assembly lets girls share their experiences and some of the knowledge they have gained with the rest of the school, as well as building their confidence in public speaking. 

volunteer bios

Our volunteers have written short bios that participating schools should use during the programme. You can download them all here using your I Can Be password.