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 School Registration Form

This form is for schools who have been formally offered a place on the 2020 I Can Be programme, after going through the application process.

It must be completed by the School Ambassador.

The deadline for registration is Friday the 18th of October, 2019.

Your school cannot begin the programme until registration has been completed.

Your contact details and visit date and time preferences will be shared with volunteers in order to organise visits. Children’s data is securely stored by I Can Be and will not be shared.

Please indicate which programme you are registering for
Name of I Can Be Ambassador *
Name of I Can Be Ambassador
I Can Be Ambassador mobile number *
I Can Be Ambassador mobile number
Back-up school contact *
Back-up school contact
I Can Be visits day *
Please choose whether you would like to go on visits in the morning or afternoon slot
Mid-programme workshop date *
Mid-programme workshop date
Final assembly date *
Final assembly date
Programme participant details - Please enter the first names, age and eligility criteria code of each child. Eligibility criteria codes: Pupil Premium/no earned-income (PP/NE); low income (LI); cultural isolation/social exclusion (CS); home-life instability (HI)