Frequently Asked Questions


What will I get from volunteering for the programme?

As well as the benefits to girls and schools, the programme offers women and employers an opportunity to engage with and give back to their local community, without even leaving the office. 

By sharing your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm, you can help to make careers education relatable and broaden the next generation’s horizons.

I want my company to become a partner employer. What is involved?

Please read our partner employer guide for more information on how you can partner with the I Can Be programme.

How much time will I need to commit to the programme?

I Can Be has been designed to be flexible, ensuring we can accommodate volunteers who have different amounts of time to give. 

Initially, we will visit you briefly at work, or speak to you on the phone, to find out more about you and to talk about the programme before you agree to be involved. If you would like to host a visit, or a series of visits, we will ask you to attend  a one-hour training session with other participating women, either at our office in Westminster, or in central Birmingham or Norwich. 

We will ask you to write a child-friendly biography, using our simple template, before the programme begins. Once it begins, each visit will be 45-60 minutes.  

You can choose to host one visit, or build regular visits into your routine. The programme could involve one woman in your workplace, or visits could be shared by several different women, reducing the individual time commitment, allowing your workplace to host more visits and providing more flexibility.

How will you prepare me for the visits?

I Can Be is designed to make volunteering easy. We have a standard visit structure that we will train you to use and provide support throughout the programme. A teacher will be accompanying the girls on every visit, so you will never be alone with the children or responsible for their welfare. 

During the pre-visit training session, we will familiarise you with the aims of and the thinking behind the programme.  Together, we will talk through the standard visit structure and plan precisely what you will do during the girls’ visit.

I want to take part, but my work environment is open plan and/or very busy.

Our visits model is very simple and easy to implement. 

For some workplaces, a visit conducted within the main workspace will be appropriate. For others, such as open plan or very hectic work environments, we recommend booking a meeting room. The groups are small – ten girls and a teacher – so a standard size meeting room works perfectly.

Why are boys not included?

Boys and girls from all backgrounds would benefit from the programme. We are choosing to focus on the area of greatest need – girls from disadvantaged, inner city areas, who, research shows, are most likely to be restricted in their options for the future. 

We are now running a smaller, separate programme for boys. You can read more about it on our ICB Boys page

Are all girls eligible to take part?

Whilst all girls would benefit from the programme, we are choosing to focus is on those with the greatest need. Participating schools are carefully chosen to ensure that we are reaching those pupils who will benefit the most from taking part.

how can i apply to volunteer with i can be?

To find out more about becoming a volunteer with us, please contact a member of our team